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Visit Catholic Santa Fe!

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Stay, learn, and tour with us at Casa Victricis

Santa Fe - The Cradle of Catholicism in the U.S.

We often go overseas on Catholic Pilgrimages, but do we know about the amazing Catholic history of the US itself?  In Santa Fe, New Mexico, Mass was being celebrated 14 years before the pilgrims landed on Plymouth Rock, and you can visit the oldest church in continuous use in the US to see where it happened, and where the first martyrs in the US died for their Catholic Faith. 


Santa Fe and the surrounding area is home to amazing sites of Catholic spirituality.

A bit further North, the Santuario de Chimayo is termed “The Lourdes of the United States,” where Christ is known to bring about miraculous healings and where devout pilgrims, descendants of the first Spanish settlers in the 1600’s, still walk on foot to visit from around the state every year.


Do you know the Story of St. Joseph’s Staircase–a miraculous architectural feature in Santa Fe's Loretto Chapel that pious tradition tells us was built by St. Joseph himself?  Science backs up the tradition, as a NASA study on the wood of the staircase stated that its molecular structure was not of a plant that could have grown on our planet.  It is something you need to witness with your own eyes.

The oldest Madonna in the United States, La Conquistadora, the patroness of our emerging society, resides in downtown Santa Fe, where you can visit her today.  The stories we can share of her miraculous intercession will melt you heart, and we look forward to the chance to share her history with you in person or in one of our customized workshops or tours.


These are just a tiny few of the amazing experiences Santa Fe holds for devout Catholics.  We would like to invite you to visit and to stay at a beautiful historic downtown Santa Fe adobe house owned by Familia Victricis, an Association of the Faithful in the Archdiocese.  Contact Giovanna at (505) 490-2775 or


Special itineraries and workshops, guided by local priests, historians, and EWTN personality AnnaMaria Cardinalli are available.  Enjoy some of AnnaMaria's music by clicking here, and please take a "virtual tour" or one of our visitors' house, Casa Victricis, below!

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